Collaborative Feedback at work

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360Boost is a feedback solution that uses soft skills as a tool to foster personal development and professional mobility. It consists in a mobile and a web app, targeting individuals and team managers.

It is a pro application that allows employers to evaluate their employees and to benefit from advice and recommendations. Employees will also have the opportunity to evaluate their employer via the platform, to ensure fair transparency.

Year 2016
Role App, Design, Branding, Illustration


The goal of the 360Boost app is that each profile becomes like a resume, but more simple and searchable by the largest number.
Like a LinkedIn, 360Boost provides employees the opportunity to enhance their skills through a professional profile specific to each.

Branding Identity

The challenge was to obtain a dynamic and reassuring design to feet a participative interface to evaluate employees' skills in order to highlight them to managers.
Choosing a bright yellow we wanted to convey positivism, energy and motivation that are needed in users' daily work life.

Style guide

To get a nice contrast with the main color we chose a sweet blue and a soft grey.

Starship #f3ea3d
Golden Dream #f2ce2a
Fountain Blue #47b8b5
Edward #a0a2a1
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