Medical service for weight loss

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Allurion is a US-based medical company that offers weight loss solutions for obese individuals.
Buddy Buddy designed and developed the Allurion site to present their service and benefits. In touching the pharmaceutical field, the primary purpose of the site was to convince and reassure.

Year 2017
Role Design, Illustration, Development

Web design

The main challenge was to propose a modern and neat design, despite the serious subject of medical order.
The site should inspire confidence and reflect the quality of the proposed service.
We designed a clear showcase site with the information necessary to understand a complex service, the use of illustration and animations making the content more digest and accessible.

Landing page
Landing page

The landing page home offers a reassuring atmosphere, presenting step by step the system of weight loss. No lingo or shadow zone.

How it works
How it works

In a logic of conversion, the site must answer all the potential interrogations of the visitors, also the page dedicated to the operation poses all possible questions.


Clean, minimalist yet easily comprehensible illustration played a key role in the Allurion interface, illustrating concept et technic terms.

Style guide

A smooth and angular typography transcribes the medical seriousness of Allurion and institutes a climate of rigor.

Hawkes Blue #e0e7fd
Perano #a7baf0
Dodger Blue #306eff
Tundora #4a4a4a
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