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Askeet is a platform for linking professionals and providers.
The idea is to be able to note the service received and give recommendations, creating a ranking of providers, and then propose the best solutions for each.

Thanks to an ergonomic process, the user is advised quickly and efficiently after entering information about the services he is looking for.

Year 2018
Role Design, Branding, Illustration

Web design

We redesigned the whole site and Askeet's identity.
The created site is clear and segmented clearly so that the user is guided throughout his professional search.

Home page
Home page

The home allows you to enter directly into the provider search process, but also to understand the operation step by step to reassure new users.

Research funnel
Research funnel

The funnel of research designed for Askeet proposes to guide the user to enter its parameters of research for the best results. Segmented and presented as a phrase in natural language, it gives a human and interactive side to a process that usually generates friction.

Branding identity

We chose to redesign the Askeet logo using an animal: the parrot.
The parrot was used to represent the notion of dialogue and especially of word of mouth, which plays a key role in the process of rating professionals between them.

Style guide

We chose a round typography to give a friendly and human feel, a warm look to the interface, combined with a typo more straight and more classic for the body of text.
In the same way, it is a palette of warm colors that has been chosen to dress the site.

Crusta #ff863a
Pomeganate #ff5121
Coral Red #ff303f
Violet Red #ff006b

UI elements

At Buddy Buddy we managed to create original illustrations to reinforce Askeet's identity and to give a visual dimension to a service that is globally conceptual and complex at first sight.

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