Collaborative feedback for agile teams

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Comète is an online platform for collaborative feedback. It allows its users to mobilize collaborators to improve their working tools and to collect relevant feedback to move faster in the development of their project.

Year 2017
Role Design, Branding, Illustration, Development

Web design

Home page
Home page

Design of a showcase website explaining the concept and benefits of Comète. As it is a software intended for an audience initiated in computer technology, it was necessary to be able to present it simply but also to put forward specific points that could seduce the developers.

Branding identity

Comète's identity had to be modern and dynamic, both to go with the name of the service, and to stick to the innovative image combined with the latest technology.

Style guide

We must admit, we like the Gotham Rounded at Buddy Buddy.
It is a modern and nice typo, which immediately gives a young and accessible image to the interface, which fits perfectly with the concept of Comète.

French Rose #ef5678
Turquoise #29cece
Tawny Port #5b2248
Bunting #10173f


Simple illustrations and in tune with the times allowed us to dress the landing page of Comète.

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