Coorganiz is an application allowing to organize oneself in a variety of situations. Users can create multiple organizations to manage their personal and professional life, and move from one to another in a few clicks.

By adding members to each organization, it is possible to simultaneously view the schedules of everyone, add tasks to do, download useful documents, and communicate with other members via messaging.

The user also has access to a chatbot that includes simple instructions and adds events or tasks following the messages sent by the user.

Year 2017
Role App, Design, Branding, Motion

Mobile app

The design of the application service has been the heart of our work. We took several challenges to meet the expectations of users but also to the demands and constraints of the customer.
We wanted to create a intuitive product that could be useful in the daily life.

Desktop service

If Coorganiz is an app, it is nonetheless an organization service that can also be used on a desktop interface.
We also wanted to combine organization and communication in an intuitive way: Coorganiz presents integrated messaging, but also allows sending SMS to people who have not downloaded the application.

Integrate a conversational dimension for a more intuitive use was one of our main added value. At BuddyBuddy, we think that conversational is a pillar of tomorrow's apps. Setting up a bot that assists the user is all the more relevant for an app like Coorganiz which offers a very complete service, and which is aimed at a wide audience.
Log in pages
A fast, simple and intuitive log in that gives you confidence. At Buddy Buddy, we often say "séquencer pour mieux régner" !
Log in pages

Web design

To promote its service to individuals and professionals, Coorganiz needed a website to present its features and added value.

Landing page
Landing page

The landing page presents the service through motion design videos made in order to offer a global vision of the app and its possibilities.

Branding Identity

Buddy Buddy chose the octopus to represent Coorganiz in their logo. Indeed, the octopus, with its eight arms, can take care of several things at once. The idea was to convey this concept of multitasking, starting with the visual identity of Coorganiz.

Style guide

The choice of a rather round typo was made in order to give an impression of modernity and simplicity. Coorganiz is accessible to all. The main colors were chosen with a strong contrast to reflect the dynamism that emerges from the service in itself.

Turquoise #2ad2b6
Biscay #203f6a


Since Coorganiz is an application intended initially for families, it was essential to have friendly interfaces.
The use of illustrations has emerged as the best solution to dress the app. Simple, colorful and modern, they match the visual identity and reflect known situations to users.

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