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Extracadabra is a platform connecting qualified profiles in the world of restorations. Their guarantee of quality is to assure a successful search in less than 3 minutes! Extracadabra's ambition is to establish itself as the reference for online recruitment for catering.

We have redesigned the Extracadabra service site to provide a better user experience and to gain time, an important advantage in an environment where workers are overwhelmed and often don't have enough time in one day to do all their work.

Year 2018
Role Design, Illustration, Development

Web design

The redesign of the site was intended to provide a clear and convincing presentation of the service, and especially to highlight the time saved by Extracadabra.

Home page
Home page

With modern illustrations and a young and fresh artistic direction, the home page presents the benefits of the service, but also testimonials and references. Having a human dimension brings confidence, especially in the restaurant industry where the relational dimension is quite strong.

Hiring page
Hiring page

The recruiting area is a key screen of the service.
You can submit a request but also discover available profiles. The page also links to a download link for the Extracadabra application, an interface that is really adapted to daily use by restaurant owners.

The dashboard is an overview that will allow restaurateurs and extra to find and check on their requests and applications.

Style guide

Catering is a world of relationship and spontaneity, where the human touch is at the heart of everyday employees. To reflect this strong social dimension, we chose warm colors. We also chose a modern and straight typo, in reference to the seriousness and rigor of the environment.

Blaze Orange #ff6207
Coral Red #ff3845
Blue Whale #062d55
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