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Filib is an online financial and wealth management service.

Numerous plans are offered to the users who can choose what suits him according to his needs. Users can then make an appointment with an expert who will assist them in his efforts to save a considerable amount of time.

The world of finance has a complex and nebulous picture for many of us. Filib aims to deconstruct this image and show that with a little help everyone can optimize their savings.

Year 2018
Role Design, Illustration, Development

Web design

The Filib site is designed to be clear and simple to demystify finance by getting rid of technical jargon and offer an online consulting service accessible to all.

Home page
Home page

From the top of the page, the goal is to attract the user in a guided funnel to define his needs and offer him a maximum of solution to optimize his finances.
The home having vocation to present the service but also to put in confidence, testimonials users appear early in the scroll.

First funnel
First funnel

Thanks to a first funnel, the user can return his situation step by step, and discover what optimizations are possible thanks to Filib.

Second Funnel
The second funnel is for users with a precise idea of the optimizations they wish to make. If they have a specific question, a module for making an appointments with a pro close to their home is quickly proposed to respond quickly to their questions.
Second Funnel

Style guide

By choosing two classic and well-known Google fonts, the Filib site has been given credibility and reflects the rigor of the service.

Mint Tulip #bff2e6
Turquoise #24daac
Dusty Gray #8f8f8f
Mine Shaft #353535


Buddy Buddy has created a set of 15 illustrations for Filib, one for each of the proposed plans. The goal was to give visual assets to abstract services, and to differentiate them well.

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