Digital tablet for interactive drawing


ISKN is a French start-up that has created and developed an innovative graphic tablet: the Slate.
The Slate allows drawing with a pen on a sheet and instantly obtain a digital version of the drawing.

Buddy Buddy designed and developed the Slate presentation site.

Year 2018
Role Design, Illustration, Development

Web design

To go with the innovative product offered by ISKN, the site had to have an strong identity and an original concept.

Home page
Home page

On the homepage, our strong idea was to have a full screen video in first person view, immersive, which immediately allows users to project themselves into the use of the Slate.
When the user scrolls, the video comes up and the whole site appears.

We had the idea to stage some users of the Slate and their journey in the form of user stories: everyone has a use of the tablet of its own.

A page dedicated to the features of the tablet makes it possible to clearly expose the advantages of the product.

Style Guide

The aim of ISKN's graphic style was to return a friendly image, a companion of design. The goal was to have a human and warm interface. So we chose a handwritten typo, as well as warm colors.

Amber #ffc001
Crusta #f76b40


Simple and handmade illustrations to recall the creative dimension of the product.

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