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Lafinbox is a bank account and wealth management application. Buddy Buddy worked on a new identity for the brand and on redesigning the app.

The challenge was to make intuitive a sometimes complex and jargonous universe. By providing a clear, minimalist, but friendly interface, we were able to get a more enjoyable user experience that demystifies the world of finetech.

Year 2017
Role App, Design, Branding, Illustration


The aim of Lafinbox was to become the reference in wealth management. Complete, comprehensive and yet easy to use thanks to a very visual interface and accurate graphics, the app becomes like a financial coach for the user.


The first and most important step: the onboarding makes it possible to clearly present all the features and possibilities to the user when discovering the application.


The management of the account is in the form of a comprehensive interface and cut into several sections to facilitate navigation.


The money transfer process is done in just a few steps. As this is an engaging process, it was necessary to have a simple funnel, clear and concise, to reassure and avoid losing the user.


UI elements

Illustrations play a key role in this app : by visualizing the service, it allows the user to project and trust what he will do, without fear of misunderstanding. Detailed and modern, the illustrations also help to give personality to the interface.

Style guide

Warm colors to create a reassuring and comfortable climate, combined with a straight and rigorous typography, to reflect what Lafinbox is: an application worth trusting.

Chestnut Rose #ce5f63
Brick Red #bc2f40
Persian Plum #83202c
Apple #62a73d
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