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Matters is a Parisian startup studio that develops alternative web and mobile products with startups. Matters helps clients reach the goals connected to their digital transformation process.
The goal was to design a clear and digestible site that retains the strong personality of Matters' visual identity to stand out from the competition.

We have now worked on a couple of projects with developers from Matters to create nice websites and applications !

Year 2018
Role Design, Illustration, Development

Web design

Considering Matters has a visual identity based on an original illustration, the challenge was to take this strong brand image and distill it, while combining it with an impacting artistic direction.

Landing page
Landing page

The main objective of the showcase site is to attract talent and customers to the studio by presenting them the workspace and skills available. We also wanted to offer a rich user experience through animations and micro-interactions.

The site also had to reflect the strengths of the studio, as their premises design, true trademark of the studio and which highlights the Matters spirit.
Fresh news
Fresh news

Matters is very present on the web: the universe of the digital tech being in constant boiling, post, articles and conferences are often organized and diffused via their social networks.

Style guide

An angular typo to reflect computer rigor combined with pop colors to reflect the creativity of Matters' unique brand identity.

Picton Blue #33d8ef
Brink Pink #ff5695
Golden Fizz #fff73d
Screamin' Green #6efa96
Texas Rose #ffa556

UI elements

Simple pictograms for original concepts, which don't compete with the main illustrations.

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