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Novatopo is a sports directory that allows you to book online activities near you.

It is a platform for individuals for their leisure, but also for professionals. Novatopo offers the pro to manage their activities and their different rooms on a single interface. Offering visibility, a complete booking system and simplified accounting management, Novatopo presents itself as a real online solution for sports professionals.

We designed the interface for individuals but also the management interface for professionals.

Year 2018
Role Design, Branding, Development

Web design

The Novatopo site must meet the expectations of customers who come with a specific idea of activity they want to do, but also of customers who are looking for ideas for a birthday, a team building.
The site must therefore highlight the profusion of activities available on booking.

Home page
Home page

The client interface is intended to be immersive, to be able to offer as quickly as possible to the user activities that may interest him, and this from home with a field of research put forward.


The site also has a blog section that aims to add a dimension of advice: Novatopo offers activities, but also selects some to recommand in various contexts. The goal is to chew the work to the visitor so that he finds what he is looking for as quickly and easily as possible.

Branding identity

The Novatopo logo is round and modern, representing an "N" in the colors of service, the orange that inspires dynamism and the blue that evokes confidence.
We animated the logo (to see on the site of Novatopo) by successively moving the two bars of the "N" to represent the arms of a running person.

Style guide

A classic and modern typography, pop colors, a simple and minimalist style guide to go along with the important place left to the visuals on the site.

Dodger Blue #1e93f5
Pumpkin #fd680f
Candlelight #ffd71e
Picton Blue #59bae9
Malachite #16ea88
Persimmon #ff6a56
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