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Personal shopping peer-to-peer

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Teeps is a personal shopping application.

Through a large marketplace, Teeps allows its users to be advised by experts or to become experts themselves, in various fields, and to make their purchases via the platform.
An expert specialises in many brands, so that the brand can offer Teeps expert advices directly from their site.
Teeps Expert is the Teeps interface for experts to manage their product selection and their partnership with different brands.

Gamification plays an important role in this interface to reward users and encourage them to use the platform as much as possible.

Year 2018
Role Design, Illustration, Development

Web design

The expert Teeps interface is only available as a webapp desktop. Indeed, this interface having a dashboard role for the expert, it was necessary to have a broad and clear visibility of the content dense and specific to each brand.

Home page
Home page

The home is like a feed of missions. The missions are actually requests for ideas by users from the site of a brand.
There are 3 different types of missions: product selection, content creation and post on social networks, and learning about the brand partner to better advise customers according to the values transmitted by the brand.


The Clients page takes the form of a messenger: the expert dialogues with the customers whose mission he has accepted. Teeps puts the human in the heart of its service by privileging spontaneous and instant contacts between customer and expert.


The Posts page lists social media content creation missions accepted for brands whose expert is an ambassador. All information related to the mission is mentioned on this page to offer the expert an overview of its current missions.

The Profile section of the expert is a key area for the proper functioning of the service: this is where the expert will be able to consult his progress and take advantage of his rewards. This is the part of the site where the gamification issue is the strongest.

Style guide

The visual identity of Teeps Expert is of course close to the Teeps client interface. The color palette is similar but differs from it with colors more pop colors to accentuate the dynamism of this platform where the user has a lot of actions to potentially do.

Shakespeare #46b4cf
Chathams Blue #0e4973
Downriver #0a2f4a
Emerald #4bc877
Candlelight #f8d213
Gamboge #f2900b
Carnation #f05758

UI elements

The illustrations helped highlight the gamified processes and create an atmosphere of reward.

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