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Vinci Facilities is the Vinci Energies brand dedicated to Facility Management that aims to take care of buildings, occupants and the environment. Dashboard designed for Vinci facilities engineers, to control and control the various buildings under their responsibility.

Year 2017
Role Design, Motion


By creating a dashboard, we create an interface that offers a global view, a command center that allows quick access to key actions and the latest information.
With a clear color code and a compartmentalized screen, the user is allowed to find what he is looking for at a glance and thus reduces the mental load.


The general dashboard aims to give an overview of the monitored installations, their states, their latest evolutions.


The interventions section lists the technical maneuvers that have recently taken place on the different sites. By having a dahsboard common to all the sites, the engineers have a better visibility of the different processes and save time.


By combining highly visual graphics and a column dedicated to notifications, the Vinci dashboard offers an immersive and connected experience.

Style guide

For the design of this interface, we chose a classic typo but emblematic in the graphic design of Vinci, associated with a palette of pop and dynamic colors.

Turquoise Blue #66e9cf
Picton Blue #59bae9
Aquamarine #56f4ff
Ripe Lemon #f5cd23
Fuchsia Pink #c76ab9
Razzmatazz #d00268
Carnation #f05758
Limed Spruce #374049


Illustrations play an important role in understanding the information provided on the interface. Indeed, that information being relatively complex, we needed to find a way to make it easier and faster to understand.
These illustrations are more than an aesthetic asset, they're clearly an ergonomic advantage.

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