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We Love Devs is a platform that allows any type of company to recruit developers for their projects.
Buddy Buddy has designed an experiential site and a new visual identity for this 2.0 recruitment service.

We aimed to create a site that is appropriate for sales people but who also is appropriate to developers.

The primary goal is for developers to trust We Love Devs and identify themselves as the main users of the platform.
It was also necessary to propose an original and attractive design around a "geek" universe, in addition to presenting the service in a relevant and engaging way, keeping the simplicity of a showcase site.

Year 2017
Role Design, Branding, Illustration, Development

Interactive One Page

The site created for We Love Devs is an experiential and immersive onepage site.
Its purpose is to present the service and explain how it works to visitors with an onboarding based on the "learning by doing" principle.

Home screen
Home screen

On the home, illustrations and touches of colors.
The various color lines come alive to give a dynamic effect to the image of the computer development industry.
An exlplicit call to action leads to the explanation of the service.


A screen dedicated to a clear and concise presentation of the service offered by We Love Devs.

First step
First step

After the presentation begins onboarding.
The goal is to offer a preview of the service via an interactive demonstration.
The first step to using We Love Devs is to like businesses. Once the user clicks on several "like" buttons, the onboarding advances to the second step. The user learns by doing the needed actions himself.

Second step
Second step

We Love Devs offers the generation of an anonymous profile via a chat with a bot.
The second step of the onboarding is a conversational interface with a bot to define what the user is looking for through a simple and fun process.

Third step
Third step

After having defined his search criteria and created his profile, the user can then get in touch with the companies interested in his skills.

Branding identity

The identity of We Love Devs aims to reflect the technical world of computer development.
With a modern klein blue associated with lines of colors recalling the lines of code, the identity of We Love Devs immerses us immediately into the heart of the subject.

Style guide

The choice of a round typography to give a modern side, friendly and accessible to an environment that may seem sometimes geek or inaccessible.

Ultramarine #240cae
Persian Rose #fe0082
Cyan Aqua #20fcff
Golden Fizz #fdfa3e


By using minimalist but realistic illustrations, we keep a "digital" dimension in the entire visual identity, and we reinforce the personality of the brand.

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